This is Timothy Ware. Tim is a B2B SaaS content writer. He offers B2B SaaS content writing services, B2B SaaS content strategy consulting, and other content management products.
I'm Tim, a content specialist.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of everything I have done, this portfolio lists of some of the content work I have accomplished in the B2B SaaS industry.

If you like what you see in my portfolio, please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your inbound marketing queries. You can also contact me on LinkedIn, where I am always posting my newest content.


Baremetrics is a B2B SaaS business that focuses on growth metrics. Its dashboard gives all the revenue data growing and established SaaS businesses need.

I write about their other products including FlightPath by Baremetrics, their integrations with Intercom, Stripe, Shopify, etc., and generally how their services would be helpful to any SaaS business based on a subscription revenue model.

Please take a look:

Reactivating Subscriptions: Resuming Metrics for your Subscriptions

Customer Attrition: How to Measure It and Prevent It

Best Invoicing Procedures: How to Handle Invoices for Small Businesses

Net Revenue Vs. Operating Income

Customer feedback: What you need to get from your customers

Cash Flow Statements: Examples and Solutions for Your SaaS Business

Understanding Subscription Revenue

Cash Accounting

What Is Bootstrapping a Business

What Is Podcast Marketing?

Is Deferred Revenue a Liability

LTV: Why You’re Measuring LTV Wrong

What Is Owner’s Equity in SaaS?

Earned and Incurred Accounting: What’s the difference?

Matching and Revenue Recognition Principles

Revenue vs. Profit

10 Examples of Revenue Models for SaaS

What Is Price Leadership?

Examples of Assets in SaaS

SaaS Balance Sheet Examples

What Is a Payment Ledger

The Principles of SaaS Accounting

What Is an Income Statement for SaaS

Best Accounting Tools for Small Businesses

What Is Accrual Accounting

Monitor Your Revenue Performance with Baremetrics

What Is Net Cash Flow

Perpetual License vs. Annual License vs. Subscriptions

What Is Operating Income

What Is Working Capital

ProfitWell vs. Baremetrics

What Is Unit Economics in SaaS

Revenue vs. Income

Willingness to Pay: What It Is and How to Find It

How to Do Price Analysis for SaaS

What Is the ASC 606

SaaS Financial Metrics: Use Baremetrics for All of Your SaaS Financial Metrics

Marginal Cost: Why You Need to Know It

Sage Accounting Alternatives for SaaS

Best Payment Processors for Startups

Top 10 Pricing Strategy Examples for SaaS

What Is Psychological Pricing

What Is Price Skimming

What Is Penetration Pricing

Community Marketing: Build Community in Your Customers’ Areas of Interest

How to Make It Through the Pre-Revenue Startup Phase

What Is Cost Plus Pricing

What Is the Discount Rate and What Does It Mean for SaaS


Top Ten Sales KPIs

Use Baremetrics to Calculate CAC for Stripe Customers

Use Baremetrics to Calculate Churn for Stripe Customers

Use Baremetrics to calculate LTV for Stripe customers

Use Baremetrics to find the billing history for Stripe Customers

What Is Inbound Marketing

How to Calculate MRR for Shopify Partner Apps

What Is a Profit and Loss Statement

What Is Marginal Revenue

How to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate for Shopify Partner Apps

Baremetrics Is the Best Stripe Analytics Dashboard

What Is Marginal Profit

How to Calculate CAC for Shopify Partner Apps

How to Calculate the Quick Ratio for Shopify Partner Apps

What Is Bundle Pricing

What Is Net Revenue Retention

How to Calculate LTV for Shopify Partner Apps

Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Lifetime Care

What Is Unearned Revenue and How to Account for It

Top 10 Business Metrics for Shopify App Developers

Top 10 tools for Shopify App Developers (2021)

Building a Shopify App—What You Need to Know

10 Business Tips for Shopify App Developers

Successful Shopify Partners Apps to Use in 2021

11 Tips for Marketing Your Shopify Plugin

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting vs. Controller vs. Finance

Shopify Partner Dashboard for App Developers: What Business Metrics You Can Get for Your Shopify App

How to Make a Hiring Plan that Stands up Financially

Scenario Planning and Financial Forecasting: A Starter’s Guide

Shopify Revenue Share: What Shopify Partners Need to Know (2021)

AARRR Metrics Framework: What Is It and How To Use It

What Are T Accounts and Why Do You Need Them?

Top 10 Shopify Merchant Pain Points and App Ideas to Solve Them

42 SaaS Conferences to Attend in 2022

How to Get More from Shopify Analytics

How to Identify Customers at Risk of Churn

Cash Flow Modeling for SaaS: 6 Tools to Use in 2022

Shopify vs. WooCommerce: the Best Platform for Your Online Shop

How to Use the Shopify CLI to Build Shopify Apps

What Is Shopify Checkout?

Shopify Markets: What Shopify Partners Need to Know

Shopify Marketplace Kit: What It Is and How to Use It


TeamPassword is a password repository to help teams share logins. I write about cybersecurity concerns for this site

Please take a look:

What Is Biometric Identification?

What Is SSO?

How to Audit Passwords

Sharing Credit Cards with Coworkers

What Is Sextortion and How Can You Prevent It?

What Are Passwordless Logins and How Do They Work?

How to Share the Wi-Fi Password Easily from Device to Device

What Is a Brute Force Attack and Are You at Risk?

How to Find a Lost Password from Ages Ago

What Is the Future of Passwords?

What Are iCloud Keychains and Why Are They Better Than Passwords

How to Clear Autofill on Chrome: Protect Your Internet Security by Clearing Chrome’s Saved Information

How to Get the Most out of a Strong, Random Password Generator

The Best Ways to Store Passwords Online and Offline (2023

What is a Passphrase and Should you Use One?

(more to come)

SignTime K.K

SignTime K.K is a an e-signature and signature repository startup from Japan. I write and edit content, as well as work on the general content and SEO strategy for them as they expand globally. I’ve created their content map, draft content briefs for every article, and write the article. I also work on their landing pages, case studies, testimonials, and PR work, among so much more.

Please take a look:

How to Sign a Digital Contract the Safe and Easy Way

Where Can You Create, Modify, and Store Digital Contract Templates in the Cloud?

What Is a Digital Contract and How Can They Revolutionize Your Business?

The Best Free Employment Contract Templates in 2022 and How to Customize Them

Questions to Ask Before Signing an Employment Contract

The Differences Between a Letter of Offer vs. Employment Contract

How to Write an Employment Contract in 2022

What Is an Employment Contract and Why Do You Need to Sign One?

The Best Freelance Contract Templates for 2022: Examples and Explanations

How to Write a Freelance Work Contract that Improves Your Relationships with Clients

The Differences between Digital and Paper Contracts, and Why You Should Digitize Your Paper 

What Are the Key Features You Need in Digital Contract Software for Small Businesses?

How to List Freelance Work on a Resume So You Stand Out

How to List Freelance Work on LinkedIn to Help You Land New Clients

How to Write an Invoice for Freelance Work that Will Get Paid Today

What Is the Best Real Estate Contract Template (2021)?

How to Get Clients to Sign an Exclusive Contract with a Real Estate Agent

20 Digital Transformation Benefits in 2022

What Is an Option Contract in Real Estate and How Do You Explain One to Your Clients?

A Complete Digital Transformation Framework

The Ultimate Digital Transformation Roadmap

The State of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing (2022)

(more to come)


Wargaming is a huge freemium gaming company out of Belarus. It also has software subsidiaries in cloud computing, among other Internet businesses. At Wargaming, I wrote and edited in-game content, marketing materials, shop descriptions, and so much more.

(I do not have permission to list their work here.)


I’m currently the content manager at Solink. In this role, I use many of the templates and strategy tools posted here to build their content strategy, content map, content plan, etc.

Here are some of the articles I have written for Solink:

49 Cannabis events you should attend in 2022

How to create a cannabis security plan for cultivators and dispensaries

Cannabis real-time security monitoring for dispensaries and cultivators

The best way to perform cannabis remote surveillance in 2022

Exception-based reporting: What it is and why you need it

6 types of time theft and how you can reduce them

How to perform remote video monitoring in 2022

Employee theft triangle: Why good people steal from their company

Your complete guide to loss prevention systems

How to spot a shoplifter with modern video surveillance technology

13 ways to prevent employee theft

Complete guide to the business security camera system

Point of sale employee theft: what it is and how to stop it

Complete guide to inventory shrinkage reduction

Complete guide to school security systems (2022)

The state of school security cameras in 2022

Church security camera systems: Everything you need to know

School surveillance systems explained

15 steps to church security planning (2022)

9 ways to prevent external theft

The ultimate guide to POS security

College campus security systems in 2022

16 best security and loss prevention magazines, podcasts, and newsletters

Why should companies upgrade to Solink’s cloud video security?

Guide to golf security: How to protect your clubhouse, pro shop, golf course, and golf carts

Guide to warehouse security camera systems

6 cannabis infographics that show the California cannabis market opportunity

What you need in a daycare security system

9 ways to use video with data integration (2022)

How to use video surveillance at a bank in 2022

How to implement cloud video surveillance

Church security manual templates that will help your religious organization

Solink Video Alarms vs. standard alarm monitoring

How verified alarms save you money 

Car dealership security needs in 2023 

Footfall people counting technology: The difference is in the data

How to find and prevent theft at your grocer self checkouts 

Guide to car wash, convenience store, and gas station security 

What is remote guarding and how does it work? 

47 B2B retail loss prevention, asset protection, and physical security events you should attend in 2023 

25 B2B restaurant events you should attend in 2023 

How to spot discount abuse the easy way 

NAS vs. Cloud 

19 tips to improve your cash handling procedures (2023) 

The ultimate guide to commercial security camera systems (2023) 

24 types of security cameras to protect your business 

64 loss prevention tips you can implement today (2023) 

28 ways to prevent internal theft in your business 

What is virtual guarding and how does it work? 

What are dine and dashes and how to handle them 

The state of grocery store security cameras 

Why POS monitoring requires integrated video surveillance 

11 live video surveillance examples that show its value 

Restaurant live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Retail live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Apartment building live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Self-storage live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Automotive live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Distribution center live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Cannabis live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Office building live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Shopping center live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Manufacturing live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Construction live video surveillance: the benefits and use cases 

Complete guide to cloud video surveillance management systems (2023) 

The best cloud-based video surveillance systems for business (2023)

(more to come)

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