In my role as a content strategist at Solink, I’ve been working on some great testimonials. They entail interviewing some wonderful clients, writing up the success story based on my testimonial template, and then getting their approval on the final result. You should check out that template for all of your testimonial writing needs.

Here are some of my testimonials:

How a cannabis dispensary saved time with Solink’s event-based reporting

I interviewed the owner of two cannabis dispensaries in Southern Ontario about how Solink helps his operations.

How a thrift store proactively deals with incidents using Solink

It was a pleasure to speak to someone at Veterans of America-Michigan about how Solink helps with their charitable causes.

Carl’s Jr. owner monitors what’s happening in their restaurants with Solink

This is a video interview with the owner of many Carl’s Jr. franchises. I wrote the summary article for this video testimonial.

How a full-service restaurant and food truck optimized their menus with sales data provided by Solink

Negril operates two upscale restaurants and a food truck. Solink helps with security and employee training. I performed the interview and wrote the testimonial.

How a chiropractic clinic operator overcame false allegations with Solink

This Solink client has used the platform to protect her doctors from erroneous and untrue claims of malpractice. The interview and testimonial were completed by me.

How gas station, convenience store, and car wash operator Spinx maintains health and safety standards

Spinx keeps on top of cleanliness, safety, and more with Solink. It was great to perform an interview focused more on the operational benefits of the platform.

Cannabis retailer, Cookies Retail Enterprises, saves time while reducing loss with Solink

I spoke with a 20 year veteran in retail security and loss prevention. I learned so much, which was a great addition to just being able to chat about a very cool brand at the vanguard of an emerging market.

How a homeless shelter better protects their clients and staff with Solink

People experiencing homelessness can unfortunately be erratic due to insufficient mental healthcare and a generally stressful existence. This can make it really hard for those who help this vulnerable population. It was really wonderful to see how Solink protects the staff of St. Michael’s Mission as well as their patrons.

How IdealPOS drives revenue growth by partnering with Solink 

IdealPOS partners with Solink to resell, integrate, and install security systems. This is a very different type of testimonial, aimed at prospective partners and a first for Solink.

How IT Onsite Services changed their revenue structure with Solink 

Following on the success of the first partner-focused testimonial, Solink asked a second partner, this time a strictly installer/reseller, to discuss the success they’ve had selling Solink’s platform.

How The Siegel Group protects their employees and profits with Solink 

The Siege Group is a very large family-owned property management firm. It was a interesting to hear from customers looking specifically at the safety and security benefits of Solink rather than loss prevention and business intelligence.

Why a Domino’s operator in West Texas switched to Solink 

This Domino’s operator was very open during the interview process and truly evangelizes the Solink platform.

I’ll also be adding testimonials that clients have written for me soon, so please be sure to check back!

Timothy Ware
Timothy Ware

Tim is a seasoned B2B SaaS content strategist. He brings his love of all things business to his writing. When he isn’t helping companies with their inbound marketing, you can find him playing one of his newest board games with friends and family.