SaaS Content Writer

Content is the cornerstone of your inbound strategy.
Let me plan and deliver your B2B SaaS content,
while you build your platform.

Hi, I’m Tim and I offer a complete line up of B2B SaaS content services. Please take a look around and see all the customers and people who have taken advantage of my services.

This is Timothy Ware. Tim is a B2B SaaS content writer. He offers B2B SaaS content writing services, B2B SaaS content strategy consulting, and other content management products.

I’ve worked with some great companies over the years, and hopefully yours is the next to benefit from my B2B SaaS content writing

B2B SaaS Content Services

I offer a full-service, hands off approach to B2B SaaS content. Tell me what you want, tell me what you need, and I’ll build a custom menu.

Do you have a great content marketing manager?

Great! I’ll work with them to deliver their vision. You can trust me to take a content brief and turn it into SEO-focused content.

I'm a B2B SaaS content writer for inbound marketing. This is me writing B2B SaaS copy.

Do you have zero marketing team?

I’ll step in, work with you to figure out your buyer personas, and then come up with a content map that delivers the right visitors to your page. Think of me as a fractional CMO of your company while it grows enough to bring on someone full time.

This is a complete B2B SaaS content strategy.

Have you exhausted every good keyword idea?

I’ll be a new set of eyes and brainstorm keywords with your team. We’ll find winnable and valuable options for new pages. I can then either write the content briefs and content or hand off the keyword research to your content marketing manager.

I am putting together a complete B2B SaaS content map and B2B SaaS content strategy

Do you have high-ranking pages that don’t seem to convert?

I’ve rewritten many pages to improve the CTAs and focus, so your previous effort isn’t lost. I’ve even adapted pages to new products and old podcast pages to convert more visitors to leads.

I'm looking at the B2B SaaS marketing analytics to find old content ready to be updated.


Here’s what a few of the people I have worked with have to say:

You came recommended so I knew your product is great. I didn’t realize how fast you’d be!

Jim Weisser, Founder SignTime

It’s so great working with you!

Lindsey Rogerson, Marketing Manager Xenon

I hope we’ll work together for a long time to come!

Sara Faes, Manager MDPI