Case Studies

I’ve recently worked on a few case studies for SignTime. They focus on how specific features of the SignTime e-signature and digital contract repository platform help their customers succeed.

Here they are:

Japanese HR management consulting firm simplifies contract management with SignTime

How Temple University Successfully Improved Business Efficiency by Utilizing the Simultaneous Sending Function

Lease Japan switched to SignTime because it’s a more user-friendly e-signature service

Curvegrid chose SignTime because of its affordable pricing and high cost performance

Prorec chose SignTime because it is cost effective and easy to use

These case studies were written based on a case study template that I have been working on. It makes the entire process of writing case studies and/or testimonials easier. So please check it out for all of your success story writing needs!

I’m currently working on some case studies of my own, so please check back often to see them when posted.

Timothy Ware
Timothy Ware

Tim is a seasoned B2B SaaS content strategist. He brings his love of all things business to his writing. When he isn’t helping companies with their inbound marketing, you can find him playing one of his newest board games with friends and family.