Welcome to my blog. I provide insights into the art of B2B SaaS inbound marketing using content writing.

I’m Tim from Canada. I’ve been working as an editor and writer for over a decade. My work has increasingly been moving in the direction of B2B SaaS inbound marketing.

My clients can be found in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. I’ve worked in business, technology, security, and gaming niches.

Take a look at my portfolio for a non-exhaustive list of my commissioned content writing work. Take a look at my testimonial and case study pages to see how I have impacted other businesses and what they have to say about me!

You can also check out my blog for all my newest personal writing.

Timothy Ware
Timothy Ware

Tim is a seasoned B2B SaaS content strategist. He brings his love of all things business to his writing. When he isn’t helping companies with their inbound marketing, you can find him playing one of his newest board games with friends and family.